The Scroll of Memories

(Squire Bluffs, Some-when in a distant past)

Not exactly a story, but a work in progress of the people of Squire Bluffs. Do not take offense if I have left off your name, because GemStone II, The First Worlde, was 20-plus years ago. I invite you to add anyone I have overlooked in a comment, please. Likewise, please take no offense if there is no phrase next to your name, my grey matter only held on to so much…

When Luxelle was young, she walked the lands with some of the greatest Legends of the lands. Many are all but forgotten, but here are a few glances at our colorful past. From these, and others, Luxelle learned the ways of Elanthia and the art of The Cleric.

Quiar, Betelguese and Shlade, enchanters extraordinaire!
Betelguese, the man who bought a bridge for all his earthly goods! [and I assure you money meant EVERYTHING to him!]
Quiar, he who got a dead rat to tell him the secrets of the ancients.
Shlade, the mage who challenged the long training time required to learn the mystical arts – and won!

Amok, Omar, Shargo and Caver, Fighters of unparalleled honor!
Amok, the Hero who would not be King.
Omar, the impassioned and fun-loving one who tried to convince us that
Great Swords were the _only_ way to fight.
Shargo, a giant of a dwarf. No better friend could any ever ask.
Caver, he who found Quests when there were none, and always returned.

Dartan, Anthrax and Valeria, Rogues of Rogues!
Dartan, the dashing man who could talk himself out of anything he got caught doing, and did.
Anthrax, the thief who loved to enchant.
Valeria, she who walks unseen in across a room. She who says little, my friend.

Azazel, The Halfling.
Mortis, the Gentleman Fighter.
Arcandy, the Witch.
Aznell, the Noble.
Shadowulf, the Honorable.
Trugryth, the Tour-Guide.
Blayd, the Flirt.
MichaelJames, the Injured Mage.
Damangherik, the intense cleric who balked at nothing.
Mithrandir, of the Golden Sword.
Pacer, the man would live twice
Cameron, He That Took Your Brains
Telkar, the Assasin.
Glamdrall, the Knight.
Luxuthian, the Chameleon.
Ganelon, the Fair-Spoken St00pid Fighter
Griffun, Knave of Hearts
Salvius, Lord of the Golden Swan
Cant, the Cleric the first automated healing machine
Tremaine, the mapper
Timmy, Lassie (that really happened)
Melody … she who sold the bridge (best kept GS secret … for a few weeks)
Nogard, who almost lived to tell the story about how he slew the dragon
Trixie, she enchanted more than circles…
Eldar, the … crazed mage.
Rodney, … no words
Shadow, Mage of Mages
Thoth, the Philosopher
Avalon, our gentle cleric
Hyperion, the fiery and fun magess
Dodger, so much fun
Snowmaiden, the pristine priestess
Haakaan, the deep well of a mage
Lark, a breath of wonder
Thdrn, adopted and cherished.
Bastian, the young cleric with the sharp (and usually accurate) tongue
Vashanti, grace incarnate
Barracuda, strong & silent type
Deanna, Oh, the penguins!
Tal, self-assured, poised, and friendly; a cleric role model
Han, the hero with a heart
Songmaker, the bardess disguised as a priestess
Dort, the fighter looking for a purpose
Kaitlyn, everyone’s favorite cleric
Anastasia, charming and quiet
Elu, who had a twin brother
Zubdew, ever so nutty
Kinnison, seriously magic mage
Random, thief with morals
Genevieve, quiet, giving, and magical all on her own
Polgara, the infamous thief
Kitiara, reborn in flames
Etain, a beautiful bride (at last!)
Assassin, who was not as scary as his name; but don’t say that aloud!
Grendahl, such a romantic
Nightshade, she captured Grendahl’s heart
Corwyn, a legend in the making
Amra, the quiet hero
Thavius, a rising star of the cleric guild
Swiftkill, the hero you could always count on
Callista, a bright spot where ever she went
Merrymerry, mythical adventuress
Dagger, Fresh, young, without fear – and dead so many times
Arwen, beautiful, soft-spoken Arwen
Phaedra, the blue magess
Gonzoid, the seriously fun mage
Calliope, the bard
Bane, the conflicted mage


And the Lords who walked as Masters of Elanthia:

  • Bardon, of immeasurable power
  • Merlin, wizard of all
  • Fenris, and the wolf
  • Voralius, legendary
  • Milady, and her unicorn
  • Tomas, the arbiter
  • Jarik, watch out for his knife
  • Rhys, watch out for that Dove…
  • Danakris, shadows where ever he walked
  • Earendil, you might look like a mage, but you still have the heart of a warrior to me
  • Eldersign, who tamed the Killer Dove …
  • Gira, whose laugh lit up a room with her sparkle
  • Kasigi, the multi-talented

We … left our mark on other people’s hearts and souls.

You all left your mark within me.

Author: GSBardess Past

She contributes from her retirement to share memories of GS3 and GS2 with us.

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  1. Sometimes, memories just reach out and grab you, don’t they? Ah, I do miss Gherik. He did indeed balk at nothing.

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  2. I have a box of GemStone 2 memories I have not been brave enough to open, mostly from the reunion in So. California that took place well after it (GS2) closed.

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  3. Glad Zubdew is remembered from long ago. Lots of familiar names on this list.

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    • Zubdew! So sorry I missed your comment earlier. Are you coming home soon?

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  4. Airioch, cutter, thundar

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