Emerald Eyes

(31 Lormesta 5116, Ta’Illistim)

She was at the dais in Ta’Illistim, getting ready to go out on a bounty patrol

“By the way, you look absolutely ravishing tonight,” Miss Istoriel told the bardess. “That forehead gem, that fascinator.”

She beamed at Miss Istoriel, her cheeks colored up a tiny bit with the compliments.

“Almost too pretty for such a dangerous quest,” Istoriel told her, speaking slyly.

She squealed in delight.

“The emerald is so new, Aetheri gave it to me. I am the most spoiled wife in all of the world.”

Her smile was warm as she remembered him presenting it to her a few days back. She knew he was planning to give it to her. He had been so thoughtful as to ask her if she liked the design he wanted a master jeweler to follow for the precious forehead gem.

While not a surprise, she was still thrilled as he pressed it into her hand. The size surprised her. The reflected light was dazzling.

It was about the size of a giantman’s thumbnail; the opaque seafoam green stone was cut in the square radiant style, maximizing the glass-like quality of its polished facets.  Instead of detracting from the gem’s beauty, the naturally occurring inclusions in its crystalline heart added depth and character.  Their tiny darkened forms dotted the inner structure, like coral heads in shallow tropical water, random dark patches amongst the shades of green and aqua.

And then she put it on for the first time. It cast a sparkling viridian-hued sheen across her face. Before long, a beam of light hit it just right and she could see the the colors shooting through the air.

She squealed in delight.

Aetheri grinned at her.

“Ooo…! Thank you ever so much, Sweetheart. It is such a treasure,”  she told him, adding in her thoughts, “Just like you are.”

The gem sang a beautiful story of love, of devotion. She planned to make a song of that, honoring the maker and true love.

Every so often, light would hit the emerald and it would react in some beautiful way. She squealed for 3 days every time that happened, beaming with a bright smile, and remembering the smile of her love as he watched the beautiful gem on her forehead.

When it came time to sleep that first night, she did not take it off; her head sank into the pillow with a radiant-cut seafoam emerald set in lace-like vaalin between her eyes. And there, rested with her.


Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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