Canone Inverso

(30 Loremesta 5116, Ta’Illistim)

She heard the warm melody; it was exotic and tantalizing, it drew all of her attention immediately – attention which she willingly gave. The enticing notes moved slowly as they exposed their theme. Before long, she found herself no more the audience, but part of the song. She followed it, echoing every move the lyrical tune took. She learned it as she went along, an offset echo in a higher voice.

She let the song consume her, consume them both. They played with delightful seconds, they rested in sweet sustains.

It was a classic duet in canon form, and she, the “comes” – the follower – knew well the rules of the motif. She was born for this, this expressive harmony of music. The exploration and adaption of the alluring blend of the complete arrangement was what her very soul yearned for. With graceful harmonics, she embraced the song, making the lead shine without calling attention to her part. It was always her favorite part. One cannot reach this kind of breath-taking intensity alone.

Steady and true, the song’s main melody, the “dux” – the leader – reassured her. He brought the song to her; he taught the song to her. This amazing and delightful song led her through every revealing phrase with care. When each tender wonderment began to breathe its own life, the two parts entwined. Note by note and phrase by phrase, she became one with the song. And then, within the pulsing rhythms, she heard her own voice in soaring overtones.

She was wrapped by the song, and just as surely, she twined round it. The centuries-proscribed form was honored and, in the process, fulfilled. Closing her eyes, she relished every movement of the music and celebrated what was now a oneness, which started as a duet. Through every repetition, she learned a mastery of not just her part, but of the song itself. She became so intimately familiar with the motif that she could feel where-the-ever the music wanted, needed, her to be.

The music swelled to an exultant crescendo in a refrain. She breathed with the song; her pulse pounded with the beat. It was a glorious conclusion to the piece!

But…no, the song went on! It repeated a segue of 2 expectant bars. She knew instinctively to sing, becoming the leader, the “dux”, using her lyrical variations. A smile played on her lips when she heard, when she felt, him respond with the strong, answering part beneath her.

She let the song consume her, consume them both. They played with delightful seconds, they rested in sweet sustains. The canon was a whirl of improvisation, of…color. She heard a triumph in the voicings as they both sang in unison. Drawing a deep breath, she held the final note of another climaxing refrain while he resolved around her. Then, in a soft transitioning voice, she returned the lead to him for Da Capo al Fine.

It was a delicious return to the starting tempo, but this time, it was ablaze with the harmonies they had just created.

The song was now theirs.


Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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