Lessons Learned on An Adventure

(23 Jastatos 5114: Wehnimer’s Landing)

The ghosts in my dreams were strong of late. Perhaps I give them too much power by putting off the song.  Normally I would go to my father. I sure cannot go to him over this particular matter. But whatever the cause of the dreams, I was blue.

After playing some music to the ruins of the old bank and the crazy fortune-teller, I went back to Helga’s to work on the song that will set me free. For a while, it seemed all that happened was the song worked on me instead.

A noise in the room broke my introspection and I glanced around, hoping I did not look nearly as startled as I felt. I relaxed as I recognized the man; the one with little to say, but he was always very helpful and gentle to me.

He brought me a peach that still tasted like summer. I have no idea where he found it, but it was delicious and juicy. He was talkative tonight, for a change. I was so grateful for that. Sooner than I would have guessed, I was feeling better. I probably should not have skipped my meal just because I felt down.

I think I learned a little more about him tonight; but I know better than to chalk that up to anything clever I said. Perhaps we are becoming friends. When he suggested I should get back to “that manticore problem” I thought I was being dismissed. Again.

But no, to my surprise, he accompanied me. He watched my attacks and made suggestions. He was patient when I did things wrong. Tonight, in the Valley of the manticores and thraks, I learned that I should wait for the creature to attack first, and then catch them when they are vulnerable. It seems a very valuable lesson.

There was one very scary moment when we walked into an area and there was a great spider! I froze. While I was being scared, he made a magic spell of some sort that landed the creature on the ground, and we killed it while it was stunned and disadvantaged. Now I know what’s through that icky black door. Spiders. I’m not going in there!

Neither of us came back to town with even a scratch. I suspect that is a much more notable thing for me than for him. While he was opening up the boxes, I learned that he had not seen the Museum. I promised to make a study of it and play guide for him. Wow, I hope I have not bitten off more than I can deliver on that. Docent Luxelle needs to do some homework pretty fast.

Before he left, he brought up the dread topic of the Adventurer’s Guild tasks to me. I have no idea why they are called bounties. I told him of my dreadful experience with them. He didn’t chide me for whining, and honestly, I think he could have. So evidently I have this to look forward to.

The Museum sounds like a much better time. But then again, look at everything I learned hunting manticores.

Winter is around the corner and I still have to figure out where to buy clothes. Sumianna would know. I hope to see her soon. I have saved up every bit of my money.

Perhaps there will be no nightmares tonight.

Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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