(1 Lormesta 5115: On the Shore of Dreams)

I put my weapon and shield away. As I did so, it seemed I put all the cares of the world away with them. Stepping through the waterfall, my breath was stolen. Music surrounded me. No lurid crimson streaked the star-strewn sky in the protection of the Shore of Dreams. Moonlight illuminated a graceful arch. Here, the dark of night was warm and welcome; it was my soulmate.

The arch drew me in, and tears filled my eyes. The fire, bright, warmed me from the winter storm, now so far away. The sparks danced like carefree butterflies in the dark. By myself, yet not alone, I fell to my knees before the shrine and poured out my soul.

He was here, I saw him – on the white unicorn, with the silver horn. In this place, I knew everything was still right, no matter how difficult the world outside. I whispered his name in my heart, not knowing if he heard.

I think he heard. The fire sang against the dark. It filled my senses with memories, some of them yet to be. The Lords of the Golden Moon watched. They celebrated. They wept with us, for us, in joy, in sorrow. They were ever with us.

I listened to the music of the dancing fire in awe, lost to it.

The water in the font seemed to beckon me once more, and as I brushed my hands over the perfect surface, I closed my eyes. I was suddenly filled with visions broad – sweeping images that transported me into dreams uncounted and into time unmeasured, as if it were all perfectly natural. Brilliant smiles lit faces that warmed my heart; victories small and large scrolled by my mind’s eye as if I were there. All of it felt like the homecoming I did not have. And then I saw the sign. Hope and confidence filled my soul (both had been somewhat lacking of late).

I turned my head, (as if you can turn your head from what a dream shows you?) and the images were gone. I saw the stars again, the man on the unicorn.

His grey eyes were the last thing I remember, tugging at my soul.

I woke up, smiling.

Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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