Do Not Tell Mother …

(23rd of Eoantos 5114, The Landing)

I think we may have been finishing up an evening snack when I caught the thoughts going out to man the Pylons, and for all defenders to take their position. There were airships attacking the Landing. Yes, again.

So much for going out ogre hunting, that was not going to happen now. I stayed at Helga’s, knowing it has always been safe there and listened to what news there was to have as people’s thoughts communicated the status.

I could feel multiple deaths, they seemed to come in batches. This attack was already looking like a bad one, because there were airships on multiple fronts; the Lake, Voln, several sides of the city, and out in the foothills & forest, too.

Listening to seasoned folks talk about an attack that they understand is quite the challenge when I have very little clue what it all means. I would ask the most pressing of questions, but I did not want to prattle on forever about seemingly trivial matters of yesterday’s news when there was a clear crisis brewing out there.

It was inspiring to hear a group of defenders claim victory after bringing a ship down at Voln, the North part of town, the South, the Lake, out in the Forest, and a number of other key points. For a while I thought we had succeeded in beating them back. But, there was a turn of the tide.

As the attack pressed in on the city, walls were breached several times, and everyone in town was warned that there were some terrors on the streets.

Then the fires were started.

And that was when this Bardess got the bright idea that I could actually help fight a fire. I was feeling pretty inept and useless listening to my betters help with the efforts. That is my only defense for making such a rash decision. The moment he heard me start singing, he threw protective magicks around me, too.

“Are you sure about this?” I am pretty sure I heard him ask. I nodded to him.

Moot Hall has buckets, and I filled two of them at the well. As I was rushing through town with water sloshing in each hand, I crossed a street and was struck down. Yes, just walking through. One hit by the dreadful golem creature was all it took.

My memory of what happened next is even fuzzier than things leading up to my unfortunate demise. I found myself laid out with the other casualties in that dreadful orchard of nasty dark trees. I felt so foolish as I watched the real heroes of the night brought in and placed next to me. I heard some of them talk about the surprise onslaught at Voln (wherever that may be!) after all their successful efforts at bringing down multiple ships.

Kreager and Roelaren got me patched up and breathing during a lull without complaining that I was taking them away from far more important people.

I will not make this mistake again. I will be content to help by not becoming a casualty next time. It was vanity that made me think I could be useful.

I hope word of this does not get back to Mother somehow…

Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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