(Kelfour’s Landing, back in the day, circa 1995)

{Backstory: She always introduced this song as a celebration of love, of lovers. There was never any doubt she wrote it for the mage. He bade her sing it oft… ~D.}

Easily, he slides across the sky,
Horizon to horizon,
’til only sunset’s colours left identify
Light’s last enticing passion.

He is Night —
and Dark,
he comes;
Drawn to where she rests.
Silken wisps coloured deep and spun
Across the sun — the Light attests.

The sunset’s passion awaits each eve,
Beyond coral and violet skies.
Cradled by the boundless sea,
She tarries there for you to rise.
She tarries there to glance your way,
Starscaped shadows from your path unfold;
A second look and passion’s ballet-
The dance begins in crimson, in gold.

Unfailingly, she spreads her limbs,
The horizon all aglow,
To embrace him with alyzarin
Where radiance meets shadow.

She is Light —
and in the Dusk,
Pulled to meet him there.
Colours meet and mingle that contrive
To paint her flush — and light the air.

When sunset’s passion comes each day’s end,
Celebrating in glorious skies,
Wrapped as silken clouds attend,
She tarries there for you to rise.
She tarries there for your caress,
Bursts of colour mark the sunset’s glow.
Flames ignite and luminesce;
Breathless, the duet shines in copp’ry yellow.

Assuredly, hues intertwine
With the coming dark,
And merge complete against sunshine
The flash of beauty rare and stark.

They are Right —
Bound from dusk to dawn, and so
Where they meet, the dark and the sun,
Their gift to us, the sunset’s glow.

The sunset’s passion fades from view
As stars twinkle against indigo skies;
Cherished by the dark she loves,
She tarries there for you to rise.
She tarries in your arms all night,
Your dreams and hers as one.
The secrets of Dusk’s last light,
A dance in passionate colors spun.

She tarries in your arms all night,
The chill against the warm.
But know until the dawn’s first light
This night is not yet done.

She tarries in your arms all night,
Until the morning’s sun.



(copyright 1995, deb Christensen, all rights reserved, etc, etc, etc)


Author: GSBardess Past

She contributes from her retirement to share memories of GS3 and GS2 with us.

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