The Break-Up Song

His name was Mohrgan Silversteel. I was young, and Kelfour’s Landing was all we had. Good days, those, until we parted. No drama, no yelling, just the inevitability that something had changed.


Sweetest prince, he came to me,
Silvered enchantments from his tongue fell.
And in the oldest of magics, the Fair One smiled,
He smiled at me and thus began the spell.

But Mortal I, had only a musician’s ear,
For the lilting beauty of what I heard,
And Woman I, had only my heart’s insight,
To know that I was drawn closer with each word.

Oh, speak again in your fair way,
Speak again my heart to sway.
No other place would I like to be,
But this one space where you will enchant me.

Moon after moon, we walked as one,
Our steps became the path of love anew.
My life was filled with each of his joys,
And my heart sang with the pleasures we knew.

But Mortal I, completely be-spelled,
Could not resist the charms so pressed,
And Woman I, with an unquestioning will,
Would not ever so it wish.

Oh, speak to me of your fair way,
Speak each time my heart to sway.
No other place will I ever be,
But in this place where you keep enchanting me.

Then in tangled pathways we began to walk.
My dreams drove me to countless hours work,
Things unmeasured in this side of time;
His dreams to goals he could not shirk.

But Mortal I, cried deep in my heart,
At the fading enchantment of his spell,
And Woman I, a dream to preserve,
Tried to prevent what had already failed.

Oh, speak once more in your fair way,
Call the spell my heart to sway.
There can be no other place for me,
But the one where your enchantments be.

No answering silver enchantment fell,
The oldest of magics, the broken spell,
A fleeting victim of thoughtlessness,
A broken dream tolling before a mournful bell.

And Mortal I, knew we were set free,
The enchantment gone as surely as the spell.
And Woman I, with a heavy heart,
Knew I would cherish times I was loved so well.

Oh, speak forever in your fair way,
In my dreams, my heart you swayed.
For only there did time stop for me,
In the only place left for your enchantments to be.

Oh, speak, dear prince, in timelessness,
Where life’s lessons never miss.
For love, once given, is lost never,
And in dreams exists in the tense of ever.

Author: GSBardess Past

She contributes from her retirement to share memories of GS3 and GS2 with us.

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