Ailim and Luke

(Kelfour’s Landing, back in the day, circa 1992)

{Backstory: A small sketch for two of my companions while I was growing up in Kelfour’s Landing. Their devoted romance seemed like it should be immortalized at the time, and I wrote it for them. I cannot remember if they ever read it, since it was never a performance or meant to be. Lo, and behold, it remains one of the few things I managed to salvage after all the years. ~D}

Ailim & Luke

They walk as one.  She is the star that shines in his eyes.  He is the light that warmly emanates from her.  Together, their strength is like timeless music; a melody of souls, a harmony of union, and a rhythm of hearts.


He could not help but love her.  She is the gentle companion of his soul. Destiny-bound to love and be loved, he drew her into his life and into his heart.  Where two lives once crossed, a new life has sprung.  Deeper from her love, broader from her duty, and longer by far with her unselfish kindness.

He could not help but love her.  She is Woman.

She could not help but love him.  He is that tender complement to her very soul.  Fate-linked and life-bound to cherish and be cherished, she brought him into her life and into her heart.  Welcomed into the new life they discovered, they create Joy.  Joy deeper for his strength, widened by his love, and longer from his selfless sharing.

She could not help but love him.  He is Man.


Together they are Life; they are Time.  Fluid souls of caring and compassion.  Integral hearts of passion.  Rooted in the here and now, for ever and then.  The Gift no greater to each other than to all who bask in the shared glow they radiate.

They are One.

Author: GSBardess Past

She contributes from her retirement to share memories of GS3 and GS2 with us.

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