When He Smiles

(Before recorded time – at Squire Bluffs in the First Worlde)

Backstory: There’s nothing like youth and young love, right? Stars in your eyes, head over heels crushed on someone. On the road to the Old Swamp, just before the turn off to the Lost Road that once led to the Lost Castle (literally, it was … gone, lost), there gathered a small group of people. The young priestess hopefully sang this song. She was so shy she could not even smile at the young man in the audience that she wrote it for. It took many years, but he knows now the song was his. He may have known it the entire time, who knows. This was one of Songmaker Lightclad’s first works.


Time stood still when he first smiled at me.
I knew it could continue forever.
There was nothing else my eyes could see,
Only he…only me.

And when his searching eyes met mine,
the look was seared into my soul.
I was frozen in that moment of time.
Endless…oh, so fine!

When he smiled at me, my world stood still.
And when he spoke, I was under his spell.
In his eyes, I see the promise of love to be,
But will the promise be for me?
Or is it another whom he sees?

There is music when he speaks,
a voice as soft as velvet, deep as the seas.
Spellbound, I could listen to it for weeks,
Only he … and only me.

And when his hands clasp mine,
His touch reaches my very bones.
The sensations linger every time,
Only he … only he.

When I smile at him, does his world reel?
And when I speak, does he hear me still?
In my eyes, does he see the promises to be?
My heart has met my Destiny,
and I wait, as if in a dream.

And when he smiles at me, my world stands still.
When he touches me, I know not my own will.
I lose myself in the depths of his eyes,
and find my soul to him has been tied.

When he smiles at me, my world stands still.
And when he speaks, I am under his spell.
In his eyes, I see the promise of love to be,
But will the promise be for me?
Is my love given to only he? …only he.

But when he smiles, it is no dream.
It is only he and only me.

(copyright 1987 by deb Christensen, all rights reserved, blah blah blah…)

Author: GSBardess Past

She contributes from her retirement to share memories of GS3 and GS2 with us.

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