The Long and Winding Road

(17 Fashanos 5115, The Landing)

The Great Moon was nearly full, and brilliantly rendered everything with an almost colorless clarity as I paid close attention to my steps on the still unfamiliar road. I was not the expert down this road, not at all. At some of the places, I do not think it even qualified for a road, but it was the way. I was cautious when urged to do so, and followed directions without balking. (I set that to paper, and chuckle; I doubt Mother would recognize that phrase ever has something to do with me.)

The beauty of Ta’Illisitim was at my back, and I was returning home with the things I had made the trip for. Truth be told, I was going back with more than I expected. The city was now but a glowing spot in the dark behind me as I glanced down from the rocky crags on a switchback. Her reputation was well earned, she really did seem like a sparkling jewel to me.

Moonlight struck the rocky mountain tops jutting above me with a starkness that was breath-taking. Where snow was able to cling to the peaks, it reflected a shimmering, cool, whiter softness. I was forewarned there could be trouble on the road, bandits and other things, but the way remained quiet. The sights and sounds of the night were so surprising, giving me gasps of wonder during the rhythm of the journey.

The moonshine illuminated the mists that shrouded the forest and the slopes like the softest silk wrap. We traveled in and out of them, they swirled when enveloping my steps, they glowed when viewed at a distance. It was amazing how not dark this night was out here, so far from everything.

Moonbeams filtered through the changing landscapes; the deepest shadows made by cliffs contrasted with the radiant streaming light at various turns in the pathway. Were it not dangerous, there were places I would have liked to tarry for a while. It was glorious, and I kept up the pace set, following with as little noise as I could make.

If Ta’Illistim is the crowning jewel of the Elven Lands, Zul Logoth is the brilliant, faceted heartstone of the Dragonspine, provided you survive the harrowing ride in the mining carts! I had been on the carts on the trip to the city, and chalked up the utter terror in the cart ride to not having ever been on them before. Surely this time would be better, right? Not really, my knuckles were white and I was still shaken as I stepped off this time, too.

Some time when there is more … time … I should like to tarry there, sing to the mountain, and listen to the reply.

Such were some of the enduring wonders that I brought back to the Landing from this journey. My mind was racing, my heart was full, my very soul was inspired. The memories are still so fresh, and I sit here in my room and marvel at my experiences.


Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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