The Fate of The First Worlde

(Outside of time, Squire Bluffs)

Once upon a time, in a place very far away, there came a magical time and place – the First Worlde of Elanthia, (OOC: GemStone ][). Populated by heroes bigger than life and then by the terrible creatures that plagued them, the little hamlet of Squire Bluffs sat apart and safe from a collapsing world around them.

The citizens of the First Worlde were brave pioneers. Bardic magic had not been found. Rangers did not roam the wilds. Clerics had to perform the duties of both priest and healer. There was no sorcery, no martial arts, no paladins true. But upon this world, gods still walked. Nameless, faceless, but nevertheless they were there, with their avatars.

One night a Dark and wicked thing came into the world. The inroads of this Dark were many and grew bolder by the day. Nevertheless, the brave heroes threw them back one by one, day after day. Until one day, the Dark began to literally take pieces from the world.

Frantically the Mages and Avatars themselves worked to find a way to save the land and its people. But both were not to be. They had to make a decision, which do you save? The land, or the people?

And it was in that time that the nameless gods murmured the decision, “The People.” So began the plans for The Great Exodus.

Day by day, the encroaching Dark tore holes into the very fabric of the young and tender Elanthia. Even the beautiful Forest was gone by the time set apart for the Leaving.

The Mages and the Avatars created a whole new world for the peoples of Elanthia, and by some of the greatest magicks ever worked, they began The Exodus; transporting the people to the newly prepared world, safe from the Dark.

This they did in secret, so the Dark would not know the trap that was being carefully laid for it. As the lands around Squire Bluff shrunk, the little hamlet bustled with preparations and departures.

On the appointed day, only a few people were left, and they gathered under the Dreaming Tree upon the Bluffs overlooking the river. This was the very first tree of Elanthia, of the First Worlde; the Tree that held the dreams of so many. The Bardon motioned everyone into a circle and began the incantation. Our instructions were clear – should anyone look upon the dreadful Dark, it would be loosed again.

There was no noise, but suddenly it began to rain silver. The Dark smelled it. With the hamlet deserted, defenseless, and filled with silver, the Dark took the bait quickly.

Almost instantly, the Dark Wicked was bound by the ensorcelled silver. The Bardon gestured as he incanted words which no one would remember, and we felt the Dark’s presence gone. With the next beat of a heart, the Bardon restored the First Worlde to it’s pristine, created glory. The Dreaming Tree sighed, it would be the first and last time any elf or mortal ever heard that sound. In another heartbeat everyone who was leaving was transported to the world that awaited, a world (OOC: GemStone III) of Shadow and Ice, certainly, but hidden from any future Dark.

The First Worlde was locked away outside of time, protected and protecting all the times of Elanthias to come. The Dark had been cast and bound forever in a place that only the Bardon knew.

Such was the fate, and now the destiny, of the First Worlde. We owe our existence to it.

Author: GSBardess Past

She contributes from her retirement to share memories of GS3 and GS2 with us.

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