The Celebration of Legends

(6  Eorgaen 5114, The Landing)

Dearest Auntie,

Today’s news brings me no pleasure to write, and you may have perhaps already sensed something was amiss. Enegue Lionheart, the first bard of the Landing, has taken his last breath upon Elanthia.

During the celebration of his life, a number of people spoke of him. As a leader, a friend, a role-model, and the pioneer that he was. A very large procession went from Silvergate to Silverwood Manor, and then we traveled to each Great House in the city, giving honor to him, remembering him, and trying to put into words the life of a man who has been so influential in quiet, humble ways.

The sheer size of this crowd is a quiet homage to the man at the heart of Silvergate.

Were his passing not enough bad news, they stopped also at the Temple Courtyard to remember Lord Caretaker, too. A wreath was laid for him at Town Square, under the tree. I touched it for you.

It was a privilege and an honor to walk with the band of heroes today in their names. As we walked, a skilled bard played bagpipes. Had I any foreknowledge of this gathering, I would have written to tell you so that you could have come if you had wanted. (I would have also dressed for it. Ugh, do not tell Mother, please?)

When we stopped at House Paupers their representative summed it up well:

“An oak may live a hundred years before it succumbs to the storm. Though the oak is gone its progeny remains. It’s legacy passed to countless generations. Enegue lives in each of you who called him friend.”

After the many special remembrances, sky lanterns were lit and released in Silvergate’s Courtyard.

Lord Aurien ended the heart-touched celebration with:

“Remember friends in spite of all of those things one might have in their lockers the greatest treasure of all is the memories we make. My blessing on you would be that you make as many Good ones for others as Lord Enegue did.”

You were right, this is an amazing community. The true measure of a people is how they treat those who went before them. In this, the Landing has no equal that I have ever seen.

My heart to you, sweetest Aunt, for your double sadness this moment. They rest now in the care of Eissa.


Folded into the envelope, a black silk armband embroidered with a rampant golden lion is included.


Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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