Ladies’ Night Out

(2 Fashanos 5115: Wehntoph, outside the Landing)

This week’s lovely surprise was from that man at the Adventuring Guild, of all people! He has started offering me tasks which are not fatal. I have done more for him in the past week than I have in months.

After several successful jobs for him in my regular hunting area (!) he tossed out a few of the usual murderous ones. I think he just wanted to remind me who was in charge. No problem, buster, I am totally aware that you are not my friend nor my fan by now.

I went about my errands and such, and then went back for a different assignment, still hopeful for something that I had a chance of accomplishing. Lo and behold, he did! He wanted help with some particularly troublesome Thunder Troll.

Hey, that was completely survivable. I went back to Town Square to nab some spells of protection and assistance, because, well, a girl just can’t be too careful, right? Someone asked me where I was off to, and I shared the exciting news about the Adventuring Guild’s reasonable assignment.

Mister Fupius suggested that Miss Solstys was familiar with that area and could hunt with me and help. She was a welcome addition, I really do not like hunting alone. Then I looked at Miss Muscatelle, who was standing there, looking ready for anything, as usual. I raised my eyebrow at her and grinned. Muscatelle nodded, she was in, too! Then Miss Sareyna joined us, and we were off! Two healers, a warrioress, a bardess, and all the spells shining around us. We made quite the impressive sight, let me tell you.

The snow lay upon the slope of Wehntoph like a dampening blanket of white. Every creature in the area, it seemed, was out taking advantage of the clear weather that night. We surveyed the scene that awaited us, and all grinned at one another.

“We got this!” We laughed and nodded together, and it began.

Wind Witches flew at us, hardly living long enough to cast a spell. The few gas clouds they managed to get off fizzled into the wind as the sorry creatures perished to our spells, our weapons, our songs.

Ogre Warriors, used to owning the north face of the mountain, stomped in and tried asserting their … Oh! Look at that, they were dead before they could do anything. Miss Sareyna was making some sort of spell for Miss Solstys that made her into the most fearsome thing I have ever seen whirling around in a fight. Remind me not to irritate a healer, ok?

The pumas fled … if they lasted that long. Those kitties might be wary, but one of us was usually faster.

Thunder Trolls fell right and left in huffs and puffs of empty challenges. I do not think even 5 minutes had gone by before this huge ancient thunder troll walked in. It was so busy I did not even notice it at first. But the ladies had soon killed everything else but that, and I blinked.

“Is that one here for me? Already?” I asked aloud pointing to the huge one. They grinned at me, encouraged me and then Muscatelle softened him up with a huge swing. You know, in her adorable way.

I laid it down with a lullabye and a few well-placed swings of my trusty sword, and he was no more a problem for anyone. Now we were hunting down more trolls for the tasks that Solstys and Muscatelle needed to finish.

One troll is all you had to do, Luxie?” I laughed and nodded.

“It was a big old one…” I offered, grinning.

If someone got scratched, they were healed pretty much instantly by our Solstys and Sareyna. It did not happen much at all.

That man at the Adventurer’s Guild had really piled the numbers up for Miss Muscatelle and Miss Solstys, both had to slay over 20 trolls! Each. But no worries, we were the girls on the hunt tonight, and nothing was going to get by us! We tromped through the entire breadth of thunder troll territory to ferret out every single one of them.

Miss Solstys laid into the creatures with her weapon, her spells. Miss Muscatelle was a whirling dance of death. Miss Sareyna kept an eye out for everyone and contributed witty observations. Within 10 minutes, we had accomplished everything required of us all.

With a shouting cheer, we declared we had owned the night on the mountain!

We should do this more often.


Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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