(5 Jastatos 5115, Ta’Illistim)

The anticipation was ever so sweet. Her mother had said it would be.

She stepped off the dais to head back to look at the list of last things that she needed to do for the ceremony. One of the six beautiful sapphires in the sky that made up the Stormlord’s trident caught her eye; it seemed to twinkle at her. Her breathing stopped for a moment as she look up in surprise at the promise that awaited them by week’s end.

Brought back to the here and now, she stepped back on the dais. It took the better part of half a minute for her to register this was where she just came from, not where she was going. The nerves were frightening at first, now … they amused her. She chuckled softly and headed out again to work out the last preparations.

The wedding. Half of her wondered how the words that would be spoken, come this even of the Huntress, were going to change her life. The other half of her knew she was keeping an appointment with destiny.

She remembered how her path led her here, and felt so lucky. The months since Spring had been calm, wonderfully long in some ways. But it was Fall now, and the Trident was in the sky. This date did sneak up on her in all her happy bliss. She knew those two concepts seemed mutually exclusive, but … it was the way she felt.

She was so excited she could barely focus, and it was a delightful state of mind. Small things made her smile. Memories glanced through her mind at random times, and tears were always near the surface, tears of joy. Scraps of songs ran through her dreams as well as her waking moments. Some of them already written – some of them yet to be.

She looked in the drawer in her room that was set aside for wedding things. The drawer was full. Inside the drawer, her hand grazed the new silk nightgown with a soft sigh, as his name came to her lips in a whisper. Oh! If the ceremony were only the morrow.

She was humming again. She did not know this tune. Yet.

He was so right. They were so right.

The anticipation was ever so sweet. Her mother had said it would be.


Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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