Still Learning Every Week

(27th of Eoantos 5114, The Landing)

I continue to learn so many things. I should have started keeping a list from the beginning, it might benefit the next new adventurous bardess to come along.

Spells from helpful people really help a lot. A lot!

You can incant some spellsongs instead of preparing them and casting them.

Ohmygosh, you can prepare spellsongs (or incant them…) by name!

My map is a magical one. I can point to somewhere, and it will take me there. This sounds amazing, but makes me kind of sad; the magic happens so fast I cannot see the beauty in the proverbial roses.

When a gem hums at me while I am purifying it … I should not try to purify it again. I’m sure I’ll get there one day.

If an item identifies itself as a drake something, it has an elemental in it, most likely fire. I know it sounds obvious now, but I did not understand it at all.

Large ogres do not have as much treasure as the golems in the crystal mine. Alas.

When a gem cannot be purified, it can be used by a cleric or a wizard and is called an orb gem. These are treasured gems that can be used to help in the recharging of magical things.

If you bend over to pick stuff off the ground when hunting, make sure you are defensive, and make sure there’s not another ogre standing there that you missed in all the flurry of a fight. Ouch, that knowledge came painfully.

When you keep the Pub picked up of trash before Helga walks in, she won’t blame you for other people’s mess.



Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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