Of All Ghosts …

They were not my eyes, but they were all I had to see through. I could not keep my emotions from her, and that was unfortunate for her…

The streets were dark. The crescent of a beautiful golden moon reflected in the damp street from the day’s rain. The town, not really a city proper, was full of old things that did not seem old. With my first step upon the cobblestones inside the city gates, I felt the weight of memory here. Around me, all around me, I felt the ghosts who lingered, making it even heavier.

There was nothing to be feared from these ghosts. They were sitting, walking, and mingling as if they belonged there, and I was the interloper. Some acknowledged me. It was all so very normal, yet I had no clue what to I should do.

A woman dressed in black and fingering a lockpick was the first to nod silently at me and gave me a smile that bespoke secrets. I heard music in the distance, and made my way toward it. A roguish looking man of lanky build leaned up against a building  with one leg propped behind him on the wall. His eyes seemed to have a story to tell. He waved to me in a familiar greeting as I passed by.

A charming, well-dressed man in black knelt at a corner. I swear he looked at me and winked before he turned his attention back to something on the ground. Working my way south, I saw a man in blue mages’ robes float by me, intent on his destination. But he paused his journey briefly to smile at me.

I found the source of the music in an Inn, and entered. I could see a couple sneaking into a cozy corner, holding hands. Both of them looked startled to see me at first, but quickly broke into smiles. A moment later, I was forgotten and they were staring into each other’s eyes. A woman who may have worked there was hovering near another table, straightening things.

As I walked back to the street, I saw bright lights to the north near an establishment. I made my way there, and found a Tavern. A large woman waved at me from behind the bar. She could have been anyone’s Grams waving the rolling pin like that. I looked around and caught my breath as the dark elf at one of the tables looked at me with a gentle smile before he turned his attention back to the human woman with him, bending over her palm to kiss it.

Returning to the street, I was hesitant to explore much further. I did not want to get lost. I followed a little pink, skipping halfling girl and walked into the heart of the community, the Town Square around the well. It was bustling. I paused to take it in.

I was drawn to the Tree. Of course I was, this was a Dreaming Tree. I wanted to tarry here and sing to the tree. I could see a fair-haired Elf dressed like the woods in the tree. He spotted me and gave me a big grin. Below, in what would have been shade another time of year, a man with an enigmatic look on his face leaned against the tree, watching everything. He nodded at me, recognizing me. An impeccably dressed woman noticed me with a warm smile. A handsome cleric walked into the area and rushed up to me. His eyes were deep and merry with greeting.

It looked like a hunting party was forming with a few people getting ready. A healer lass, a hero, and a ranger. These seemed fainter than the others, but their smiles were just as bright. A cheery halfling mage appeared out of nowhere and was casting spells upon the hunters. I followed them towards the gates.

The gates. I wobbled under the memories there and had to stop. I saw healers, locksmiths, patients, and a continuous stream of people between the two towers. Assaults and games alike were woven into the fabric there. The old sorcerer winked at me with his disembodied eye, and I chuckled. I don’t know if that was the reaction he was looking for, but at least I didn’t die.

A giant of a man stood ready and waiting for someone near by. His gentle eyes were a sharp contrast to the rest of his fierce looks. I could not help but smile at him. He seemed, pleased? I turned to go back to town, the night was fading soon.

As I passed an Inn, I was drawn into it. The proprietor greeted me, and then I heard, felt, and saw the impressions that filled my very soul. I gazed up the stairs at the empty hallway and began to weep, alarming everyone around me, even the ghosts. But I could not help it.

And as memories which were not mine flooded into me, making me theirs, I fell to my knees, sobbing.

No more could I bear. I drew back, flinching at what happened, tears flowing freely with the memories of those that I held so dear, so long ago.

Author: GSBardess Past

She contributes from her retirement to share memories of GS3 and GS2 with us.

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