In The Forest – Dreams

(16 Fashanos 5115, The Forest Home)

“Sit down, please? We need to talk,” the elf asked of his wife, adding with a tender voice, “I had Dreams, two of them. It is Luxie.”

She knew the look in eyes, the tone of his voice. Something was wrong. She sank into a chair without a word, her eyes fixed on him.

“Do not worry, she is not hurt,” he saw the fear on her face. His words only caused some of the worry to evaporate, though.

“The Lord of Dreams came to me, twice; about our daughter,” he said with a sigh. “The exact details are not clear, perhaps I do not need to know them, I do not know.”

She nodded anxiously, still quiet.

“Something caused her to despair to the point that the Lord intervened. He showed her to me, praying, at His altar. That was the first dream. He let me pick her up once he sent sleep to her, and I held her, then watched her sleep for a while before he took the dream back. All I know is he did … something. ForĀ  her.”

The elven woman exhaled slowly, asking, “But she went to Him? That is what she should have done…” her voice trailed off as her mind looked for the hope in the situation.

“Yes, that was the first dream,” he told her softly and then added, perhaps a little too quickly, “a couple days ago.”

“You knew about this. For days?!” she looked hurt.

“Yes, and I apologize for keeping it from you, my heart. I was hoping for less worry and more good news with which to interpret,” his voice sounded painful. He took her hand with a gentle clasp. “There is more…” He waited for her.

She glanced down as she let all the feelings play out in her head, a bard knows it is ill to speak too quickly. When she raised her eyes, he saw understanding in them.

“More…” she echoed with a sigh. She gazed at him with all of her attention, already over the small secret. He did that for her, and she knew it.

“The next dream was last night. I saw her singing. She was smiling brightly at a man as she sang to him,” he waited for the entire picture to sink in.

“If she can sing, she is fine! Oh, the Lord of Dreams is …” the relief on her face froze like a mask suddenly. “What man?”

“I do not know. We have to trust her, trust our Patron,” her husband whispered softly as he put his arm around her and drew her close.

The bardess had a very good idea of what a song meant. “We will pray she finds an even better relationship than ours, dear one.”

He smiled tenderly at her. This was why he loved her more each day.

“Sing to me, and then we will tend to prayers. You know the song I need to hear…” his words were quiet as he repeated, “Please sing for me?”

She whispered against his ear, “Yes,” and she softly caressed his face and then reached for her lute.

Author: Lenolius Lightclad

Priest of the Lord of Dreams, he and his wife live in the Forest Home where they raised their daughter, Luxelle.

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