Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

(1 Ivastaen 5115: Ta’Illistim)

The bardess just stared at this second letter from home in as many days. It made no sense at all for them to change their mind like this.

Dear Luxie,


I do not have time for more than a short note about this change of plans. We are leaving today to meet you in Ta’Vaalor next week. We will send word when we arrive.


Plan to bring him.

Your Father

Him??  The letter seemed very terse for her father. And what about the border problem?

She glanced at the half-finished letter she was writing home to them and just shook her head in confusion. But  how…

They were already on the way!?

She was worried now. Officially worried.

Already on the way.

Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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