Brand New Sun

(24 Olaesta 5115; Ta’Illistim)

She looked at the stargazer lily in the light of morning and sighed. It was stunning. She was tempted to sing to it, but that lasted only a moment. She did not really want to know its song, not now. Or, perhaps more accurately, not yet. If she had been honest with herself, she already knew. She just did not understand why.

She turned her attention back to the harp, letting her thoughts wander as her fingers wandered carefully along the strings.

“Why was this lullabye so difficult to finish?” she wondered to herself.

“It is too complex. Fewer chords. Straighter chords. Closer bass,” it was a good answer that she heard and she instinctively began to edit in the suggestions, humming softly with the musical work.

A brand new chord progression was completed in little to no time. The bardess was amazed. Sometimes, things just worked, and she knew this was one of them. When that happened, it was always good, and it was meant to be. Now she had to rewrite the lyrics.

Ta’Illistim was good for her. For her music. She did not find herself floundering as much. It felt safer here to her. Her feet were standing on solid ground for the first time in over a month.

She brushed her cheek softly with her fingers and with a wistful sigh put her harp away.


Author: GSBardess

A young bardess named Luxelle is currently learning her trade and hoping to one day make a name for her songs in GemStone IV. Follow along with her adventures in life and song.

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